Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got a question about aluminium shutters or the services we offer, we’ve probably answered it before.

Check out our handy FAQ’s below…. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, give us a call!


Can aluminium shutters be adjusted to let in light while they are still closed?

Yes! They are designed so you can open the slats and let in daylight through perforations in the aluminium, while still having the added security, noise protection and insulation properties of your aluminium shutter.

Is it true that aluminium roller shutters can help reduce my power bill?

Yes! They’re brilliant for keeping buildings cool in summer and warm in winter.

How well do your shutters block the cold?

They can keep out 80% of the cold.

How much do aluminium shutters keep out the heat?

They can reduce heat by up to 90%

How much light do the shutters block out?

We’d say 100%, but it’s protocol to say 99%, just to be safe.  Close your aluminium shutters, and we’ll guarantee your house will be dark!

Will aluminium shutters block out noise?

Yes, by up to 50%.

Do you do electric shutters?

Yes, both manual and electric are available.

Do exterior window shutters help with home security?

Yes, they’re known to be very effective in prevention of break-and-enter, both as a physical barrier, and a visual deterrant.

I heard aluminium shutters are good for bushfire protection. Is that true?

Yes! Tests have shown that they perform very well in fire situations, shielding windows from cracking and preventing flame coming into the home. Read more on our page, Why Aluminium Shutters.

Do you do commercial shutters?

Yes, we do a wide range of commercial work from shops to office buildings and factories, as well as shutters on shop counters, serveries, trucks and trailers.

Are exterior shutters better than interior ones?

For insulating your home, yes! With Interior or plantation shutters , light and heat can still come through your window, but are partially blocked and reflected back out the window. Heat still creeps in though, around the edges of your plantation shutters. Exterior shutters, on the other hand, block heat from entering the window all together.

I’ve been told to get a particular brand. Will you have it?

Yes. We can get any brand you prefer. Or, if you’re not sure about brand, we can recommend the best ones available for your needs.

My windows are a funny shape / in a difficult position. Is that a problem?

Not a problem at all! We make to measure. In 25 years there’s never been a shutter we haven’t been able to fit.

Do you send installers from your own company, or are they contracted out?

We use only in-house tradesmen to install our shutters. They represent Comfort Shutters with pride and can answer all your questions.

I want my shutters to look modern and contemporary. Can you do it?

Yes! There are multiple options available in stylish, contemporary looks and colours.

I want a colour that matches the rest of my house. Can I specify a colour?

Yes. A wide range of premade colours are available, but if those don’t suit, we can also do powdercoating to meet your exact colour needs.

Do you go beyond Sydney?

Yes, in fact we’ll travel to any part of NSW.

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